Congratulations on making a wise decision to partner with LifeVantage and Team Heart. Here you will find our Team Heart Success Path to grow a profitable LifeVantage business.

Launch. Learn. Lead.

$200+ Million in Revenue in Past Decade

100,000+ Total Customers and Teamies

Our Motto: Everyone Matters. Everything Matters.

Top Tips from Your Team Heart Builders

I changed my life when I began to change my thoughts. Every single day I invested into personal development to reframe my mindset to focus on what I wanted and what I needed to do to attract it into my life.

Doing so has helped me create the life of my dreams on my own terms. I didn’t miss a single moment of my third child Joe Joe’s life. Raising him will building my Network Marketing empire.

Lisa Panton

Executive Consultant, Huddersfield, UK

The #1 piece of advice I could offer to any new teamie is to simply: follow the ITT system. It works. It’s proven. There is no need to reinvent the wheel here.

INVITE people to ActivateLife.net to check out the information. Use the Overview or a live VIP call as the main TOOL. And leverage the TEAM stories in our FB group or set up a 3-way call with your prospect and an upline teamie to help new people get started.

Josie Tong

Executive Consultant, Sydney, AUS

Think like a PRO!

Master the business as fast as you can by being consistent and stay focus for everything to be crystal clear.

Clarity & Direction is so important, for people follow those who know where they are going & how to get there.

Be a Team Player! For great achievements can only be accomplished by a group of people trusting & working together.

Team Heart has the best & simpliest system that I’ve ever seen! Following that system is the key to a faster & sustainable results.

Jasper Clorina

Executive Consultant, Manila, Philippines

You have to start with BIG vision if you want BIG results. 

One of the first things I knew our family needed was to get my amazing husband Andre home from his stressful job as an enguineer. He was gone all the time and burnt out.

I set my vision in motion. It fueled me EVERYDAY! And just 30 months into LifeVantage, Andre retired from his career. It was GLORIOUS! We now travel all over Australia so I can build my business and he can persue his passion of fishing.

My VISION of living our best life together came true.

Charlotte Venter

Executive Consultant - Team Activate Founder, Sunshine Coast, AUS

Believe in yourself and be authentic.

When I looked at everyone who had success, I thought: “They’re no different to me! So why not just go for it and believe in myself?!!

I had energy, passion and integrity… letting people “get in where they fit in” whether that be starting as a customers or joining the business.

 Just follow the system , make a commitment to always be on trainings and at events and you will succeed. This business can create for you the life of your dreams if you will believe in YOU.

Gee Fletcher

Executive Consultant, Mooloolaba, AUS

Shortly after getting started in LIfeVantage… my personal life fell apart. Health, relationships, and more.

But I never quit. I never stopped taking the products. I never stopped believing in our company, our products, and the amazing people in Team Heart.

Soon after my world turned upside down, I decided to overcome these obstacles and rna my business from Pro 6 to Pro 7 in a few short months. Even if life gets in your way… don’t ever ever give up. Pick yourself up and make it happen. This opportunity is too good to pass up.

Tanis MacDonald

Executive Consultant, Edmonton, AB CAN

CONSISTENCY. You have to be consistent.

Don’t miss ONE day without ITT’ing. Invite at least one person to take a look at ActivateLife.net everyday. The more invites, the more eyes on our amazing products and opportunity. 

But don’t stop there… if you truly want to grow your business: make sure they see the TOOL aka the overview as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s live on a VIP call or recorded. As long as they see it.

When you do this consistently, you’ll always have somebody to follow up with and get in front of the TEAM, on a 3-way call or in front of the stories in the My LifeVantage Story FB Group.

Patty Rottmann

Executive Consultant, Jefferson, WI USA

Everyday I share the products and business on social media.

At first I used the 30 days of proven posts, but then I moved on an learned more about creating curiousity with my business. Whether its on stories, photos, Live videos or Reels… I’m always weaving in Team Heart and this incredible work-from-anywhere lifestyle.

Doing so has helped me attract over 700 customers and teamies in the last 6 years and make a consistent six-figure annual income.

Erika Dale

Executive Consultant, Indianapolis, Indiana USA

I think that beginning with the end in mind is a key ingredient to see success.

Know where you are going and why you are going there.

When your destination is clear it unlocks the ability to be excited, passionate and motivated everyday to do the work required in your business. 

Follow the clear and simple path this team has designed for your success. Duplicate that in your team to help everyone get to those dream destination.


Jay Acuzar

Executive Consultant, Chicago, IL USA

My teamies are my priority everyday.

Help your team. Teach your team. Work on your personal development to become a great leader. 

Eveyday I look to improve, even if it’s just becoming 1% better. 

1% growth everyday can lead to BIG GROWTH as it compounds.

Also, get everyone to Pro 3 who wants it. Many Pro 3’s in your team will help you get to your greater goal.

Jeffrey Thom Reyes

Executive Consultant, Makati, Philippines

I wear many hats. Business, philantropy, active family…but no matter how busy I am: I integrate LV into my everyday life.

I share my story and the products with all the people I meet. My best tip is to find out what they are dealing with personally. Seek the problem and offer a solution.

Is it anxiety? Stress? Lack of sleep? What is their need?? I love the phrase: “Help people get what they want and you’ll have everything you want.” I help people find a solution to their struggle.

Beata Koropatwa

Executive Consultant, Melbourne, AUS

My love of our products and the method by which we market them, is always in my heart and on my lips. If it’s in person, or on social media, I share consistently what we have in our company, and with TeamHeart.

It all started with immersing myself in the weekly team trainings and Team Heart Getting Started Training for 30 days.

Following the steps will give anyone the tools necessary to succeed. This business has allowed me to have the freedom to be available to my family, build a real estate business, and travel the world on our yacht.

But most of all to help others find freedom and financial relief for themselves.

Dena Brock

Executive Consultant, Conroe, TX USA

Network Marketing is Relationship Marketing.

Whether you have a lot of relationships or feel you don’t have a good amount of strong bonds… we can always do better by other people. My top relationship tips are:

1. Being genuinely interested in other people
2. Keep in touch with people outside of any business requests/favors
3. Focus on “friends first.” Whether they join you in LifeVantage is irrelevant. Be their friend and they will see what you have to offer.

Get active in your local community to grow your network and of course use social media to expand those relationships.

Kelley McCoy

Executive Consultant, Winter Park, FL USA

To be successful it starts with a DECISION!

A decision to become an entrepreneur.
A decision to build your business no matter what.
A decision to learn about the products and the comp plan.
A decision to grow the skillset, the mindset and ultimately your leadership to grow a business beyond you, beyond local – even globally.

Decide what you’re willing to give up. Maybe extra TV/Netflix time or scrolling, to give the business the time it requires to create results.

Be all in, mentally. Not all in all the time. But all in by making the committment to see it through to your ultimate goals and dreams.

Tara Wilson

Presidential Consultant, Scottsdale, AZ USA


Team Heart is a commmunity of heart-driven leaders. Who’s mission is to positively impact peoples life with love, mentorship, and entrepreneurship.

We are movement makers, action takers, game changes, new-school social influencers. We lead by example and moral authority.

We are activated: activating our bodies, hearts, minds and bank accounts.


Teamies hold the highest standard of integrity and embody the golden rule. We abhor negativity and speak life into every situation and individual. We are always taking action.. Always learning. Always growing.

Teamies are a light in their house, their workplace, their community. We are forward focused and others focused. 



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