Below you’ll find 30 days worth of engagement posts for your social media. Before you get started, here are a few tips to MAXIMIZE your results.

  1. Make sure your profile settings are set to PUBLIC.
    1. On Facebook, you do this by clicking Settings and Privacy; Privacy Shortcuts; See More Privacy Settings; Your Activity – Who can see your future posts?; PUBLIC.
    2. On Instagram, you do this by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines on your profile in the upper right, Settings; Privacy; Account privacy selected off.
  2. Know that while engagement posts are helpful, it’s still important to be OUTBOUND messaging people through our ITT system. To learn about ITT, head over to the Team Heart Launch Guide for review.
  3. When making posts publicly on Facebook, especially when talking about our products… on occasion you may get a warning from compliance. Have no fear, you aren’t in trouble. Our company, like most in the health/wellness space, take health claims very seriously. If you receive a note to remove a post (this often happens monnnnntths later after the post died out), simply take down the post and email back compliance that it’s taken care of. If you have any questions or concerns, speak with your Premier or Elite support team.

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