Enroll or upgrade 20 customers to the Vitality Stack between February 17th and March 31st 2018 and win special recognition items + a dinner with your Elites & LifeVantage CEO Darren Jensen!

Boost your PV

Raise your check

Become a Team Heart top producer

Qualify as Pacesetter*

Earn points for Mexico Incentive Trip**

Canada Users Only: Qualify Vitality VIP by enrolling or upgrading 20 customers to AE Stack, TS Stack or Energy Stack.

Download Your Vitality VIP Trackers

Vitality VIP Terms & Conditions

Promotion is available only to Team Heart Distributors.

To be eligible to participate in the promotion, qualifiers must be registered for Elite Academy Anaheim.

Distributors may count their own personal upgraded subscription to Vitality Stack as one of their 20.

Customers who purchase the Vitality Stack must be on subscription for the VS (or appropriate equivalent for Canada: AE, Energy and TS Stacks). One time retail purchases do not qualify.

Upgrades qualify if a previous or current customer was ordering less than 125PV per month on previous orders. For example, upgrading a Duo (NRF1+NRF2 customer) to a Vitality Stack DOES qualify. Another example, moving a Double Physiq (200 PV) customer down to a Vitality Stack does NOT qualify.

Dinner/event is not redeemable for cash or substitute.

Time and venue location to be determined.

Qualifying promotion is not transferable and is only valid to those listed on the distributor account.