Moderator Dial-in Info (Do Not Give OUT!)

Primary Number: 425-440-5010
Secondary Number: 929-223-3001
Host Conference ID: 437194#

Day: Monday
Time: 9:30pm EST | 6:30pm PST
Call Duration: 30-45 minutes


Host: Welcomes, Announcements & Introing speakers *Pro 3+*

Story: Share Story + Tips *New Pro 3+ or Incentive Qualifier*

Trainer: Records & Mutes call from Instant Teleseminar, Compose featured training (15-40 minutes long) *Pro 7+, occasional Pro 6* – See instructions for setting up your call, muting, recording, etc in the video below:


**all times are in Eastern Standard Time**

9:26-9:31 – Host Welcomes

“Hey guys, welcome to tonight’s Team Heart Weekly Call, my name is ________ and I’m from (city, state). I’ll be your host for tonight’s call. We’ve got an incredible line-up for you here tonight. Hot stories, important announcements, and a featured training by (Trainer) on (topic)… so make sure to remove all distractions, grab your journal and a pen, get ready to take great notes! If possible, send out a quick reminder text to you team – the call is about to begin.

Let’s open up the lines for all of you to announce yourselves, so if you haven’t yet, please, go ahead… shout out your name and where you’re calling in from….”

Welcome…… welcome to the call! **Let a few people announce, then repeat a variance of the script**

9:30pm – Trainer Mutes, Records

9:31pm – Host Begins Call

“Alright guys, we are we going to get started! My name is ______ from (city, state) and I want to welcome you to tonight’s Team Heart Weekly Call. We’ve got a jam-packed line-up for you here tonight. You’re going to be hearing some great tips from (Speaker) on how they just (hit rank/qualified for X), plus a featured training by (Trainer) on (topic)…

First off, I just want to briefly share my story.

9:32pm – Host Shares Story – 1 min

9:33pm – Housekeeping – 5 min

Now, we have some housekeeping. Make sure you save the date on the calendar for these upcoming events (below are some ideas):

  • Next Convention, info, dates, why to come. Rally Them! Register NOW (1-2 mins)
  • Current Promos ( and details

9:38pm – Host & Speaker 4 min

Now, I’m privileged to bring on our next speaker, (Name) (Rank) from (City, State)… (Name) just qualified (rank/incentive) and is really seeing incredible results in his/her business. (Name) share with Team Heart a little bit about your story and your top tips!

Your Name
Your Background
What attracted you to LifeVantage
What happened in your business as of late (what rank did you hit, etc.)
Why you’re excited for the future
Your TOP tips that got you your most recent epic results

9:42pm – Host Brings on Trainer

Wow thank you for that (Speaker), what incredible tips! Well ladies and gentlemen it’s about that time …I hope you are paying very very close attention. It is my privelege to bring on our Featured Trainer for tonights call. (Name), (Rank) (Topic)

**Edify them and speak about their character and results..**

Trainer closes call.


login: 1445686 **Only the speaker who is muting and recording needs to/should be logged into in the control center**

pass: teamheart