Post the text below and use a FB background. Be sure to reply to every comment. Follow the instructions below for what to message people after they comment.


Hey ________ I saw you comment on my post about sleep issues. One of my close friends use to try everything for insomnia. Benadryl, valerian root, RX drugs, nothing ever worked. She was a mess. She started using our little yellow activator and was able to ditch all the useless sleep aids.

She feels amazing. I feel amazing too! Can I show you these stories? I think I stumbled across a true miracle.

**If they say yes**

Add them to My LifeVantage Story

Tag them in the Pinned Post (ABC PRIMETIME)

and Tag them in this SLEEP post

**then, message them back**

I just tagged you in a short video to explain how the product works. It’s truly mind blowing. Give me a “thumbs up” once you’ve watched it! Oh and I tagged you in a big thread where everyone is talking about how its worked for them.

If you want to give it a shot, here the link:

**Add in a custom shopping cart with NRF2 in it or send straight to your website**