Here is your daily PERSONAL post idea and MARKETING post idea. Follow the instructions as provided below.

HOT TIPS: Ideally post at least a few hours apart. Engage with all comments, reacting/liking and replying back. Take any interest in LifeVantage to FB Messenger/DM.

Post the suggested text with YOUR PASSION/HOBBY with an awesome photo of you doing it.


One thing you may not know about me…

I love… (insert a fun fact about yourself or an activity or hobby you like)

Post the following—reply to every comment. This is a mentorship post, if at all possible… add a pic of you and your mentor!



Mentors assist in setting SMART goals! Goals that challenge you, but are realistic w/timelines!

Mentors pass on the educated KNOW how! (They have already found the treasure chest…they can give you the map for YOU to follow!!

Mentors keep you motivated! They remind us that we can do this & that it will be worth it. They also remind us we are not alone!!

Mentors course correct! They can give us honest feedback on how we can do things more effectively to shrink timelines.

Mentors assist in overcoming challenges that arise! They have already walked the road!

Drop a name of a mentor who has added value to you!