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You can’t get mad at people for sucking the life out of you if you keep giving them the straw.

Post the following suggested text and a picture of you with a clock, timer, or pointing to your watch.

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Great things rarely happen with the perfect “timing”…

Opportunity doesn’t care about our opinion of the “right” or “wrong” time…

Ask parents who unexpectedly found out they were pregnant and parented an amazing child.

Ask the entrepreneur who was unexpectedly laid off and pushed into pursuing her dream of working for herself.

The timing becomes “right” when you are ready for it to be.

You waiting for the perfect time to:

💸 start the business
💕 fall in love
🔥 make the move
🍏 change your health

…you should STOP – because what you’re waiting for doesn’t exist.

Time becomes the right time when you are ready for it to be

Are you ready to stop saying “one day” and make today your DAY ONE?