Here is your daily PERSONAL post idea and MARKETING post idea. Follow the instructions as provided below.

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Post a photo of either your backyard, your neighborhood, or your view. Something that you look at everyday. Or even your living space if you like the way it looks (lol) and make a personal post about being grateful for beautiful surroundings.


Post the following suggested text with a selfie or inspirational working image. A picture of you with your laptop, computer or phone would be perfect!

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Waiiiit what!?
πŸ”΄ NO parties.
πŸ”΄ NO inventory.
πŸ”΄ NO pressure, stress, or striving.

Nearly 100% built through:
πŸ“² Social Media.
πŸ“² Zoom

πŸ’» Where you want
πŸ’» When you want
πŸ’» How hard as you want

πŸ“š Skillset
πŸ“š Mindset
πŸ“š Leadership

Team Stats:
πŸ’  Top 10 of $240m/yr company
πŸ’  Over $300,000,000 in sales in last 10 years
πŸ’  70,000 people and growing

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