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Well…if for no other reason alone then to bring in a little extra income, how about lowering your taxes by an average of $4,000-$8,000 a year?

‘The smartest thing you can do as a W-2 employee, is to find a Network Marketing company with a product you , join the business and start sharing with people. The tax deductions alone would save you $4-$8K per year on average! Listen to your friend! They are trying to help you!!’
-Courtney Epps, accountant & tax strategist for 19 years, fractional CFO and author

Some pretty good info for those who don’t have a side gig yet and even for those who do that want to maximize deductions.

I see people all the time with their (dare I say) ignorant posts and comments about this industry.

That it’s only for the people as a last ditch effort. But I am so unshakeable it doesn’t matter

As a matter of fact, I feel bad for those who are like I was and naive to the benefits (and yes, potential) it can have on their finances

I’m no tax expert but I can tell you that aside from the fact this industry is paying out over $100,000,000,000 a year to families just like yours and mine and and I all these epic tax write offs on top of the benefits from the products. IT MAKES CENTS AND SENSE!

Don’t allow ignorance to keep you from something great…

If you’re open, let’s chat! No pressure




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