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Are you currently being PROACTIVE or REACTIVE with your immune system?

I’ve been tweaking my daily regimen to activate my immune health.

After some research, I found there a few things that nearly EVERYONE should take every single day to boost their Barrier, Innate, and Adaptive immune system.

💊 Vitamin C
💊 Vitamin D
💊 Zinc
💊 Elderberry
💊 Postbiotics (fermented yeast)

Obviously I don’t want to take a million tablets… so when I found it in one product, powder form, that tastes amazing – I was sold.

🌿 Supports all 3 systems of immunity: Barrier, Innate, Adaptive.*
🌿 Assists your body’s response to everyday stresses *
🌿 Supports everyday health & well-being *
🌿 Supports respiratory & sinus health *
🌿 Supports a balanced and diverse gut microbiome *

I’m addicted to this stuff!

If you’re ready to be PROACTIVE with your immune system, drop the word “wellness” below!