Tara Wilson, Elite Pro 9
Danville, California USA
Average Elite Pro 9 Annual Income Company Wide: $511,692*

Tara was working full time with two small kids when she was first introduced to Network Marketing. With the original goal of wanting to earn $500 a month, she never expected that 8 months later she would replace a 6 figure income and retire from corporate America forever!!! Four years later, she retired her husband, too!

Tara has a huge passion for Health and Wellness, and loves helping people get healthy through products and education – to fight the unfortunate continual rise in chronic disease like cancer, diabetes and obesity.

“Network Marketing is the perfect platform to educate people and reach many more people quickly through sharing products with their networks. And by creating other entrepreneurs to do the same, we can have an exponential impact, more than I could ever have as one person!” As a busy mom of 3 kids, network marketing is the perfect fit and gives her the flexibility of making and incredible income and still have time for her family!

In her nearly ten years in the industry, Tara’s teams have done more than $170 million in sales in 12 different countries, which has earned her more than $3.5 million in her career.

“I’m more excited about the future than ever” says Tara. We have found the most extraordinary product in the wellness industry and I’m excited to be part of something truly life changing. Perfectly positioned for massive growth over the coming years, LifeVantage has all the elements of a future Billion dollar industry giant.

“When I saw the science behind Protandim, our flagship product, I thought we had our hands on something special. Watching thousands of customers in our team have unbelievable results, I now KNOW we have our hands on something extraordinary!” I’m so excited to help take this product around the world!!

Rachel Jackson, Elite Pro 9
Scottsdale, AZ USA
Average Elite Pro 9 Annual Income Company Wide: $511,692*

From a very early age, “RJ” as she prefers to be called, knew she wanted to be successful. “My mom worked a 9-5 desk job and my dad invested his entire life into building a brick and mortar business. Both were wracked in debt, with little freedom, and I knew that I didn’t want what they had.”

Left with little options in front of her, she went to school for Nursing but eventually dropped out when she met the ‘man of her dreams’ on the internet. “Josh and I hit it off right away, and I moved from Wisconsin to Arizona when I was only 20 years old. It was because of him that I started in Network Marketing, in fact!”

Josh dragged his to-be bride down to a meeting, kicking and screaming, but RJ ended up seeing the vision. “Leverage, thats what I walked away with. Residual INCOME – something I had never heard of…as soon as I learned about it, I knew I wanted to spend all my time on building it for myself and others.”

The first 4.5 years RJ failed greatly. “I made $104,000 in that time… do the math, I was not a raving success. I probably spent that much in the business!” She laughed. “But I never gave up, until finally I found the right vision and product and MENTORS to help me achieve all that I could!”

Over the last 6 years, RJ has build teams of tens of thousands in 11 countries and has made over $3.5 million in the industry. “There is no better way to create wealth than to help people get healthy. That’s what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. And Team Heart is the greatest platform to do that with!”

Why LifeVantage? “When I saw the science behind Protandim NRF2 and what this company had it’s hands on it… I couldn’t believe it. The opportunity we have in front of us to bring this technology to the market is unfathomable. I am so excited for the future and blessed to be alongside the most amazing team members in Team Heart.”

On a personal side, RJ loves her husband Josh very much, and is ‘mildly obsessed’ with her English Bulldogs Peanut & Lulu. She enjoys hiking, cooking for others, Oregon Ducks & Green Bay Packer football, shopping, mentoring, training, and giving back.

Josh & Rachel love giving back through numerous organizations, the largest involvement being www.KingsRansomFoundation.org –  which they started working with in 2009 to continue the efforts to feed orphans and free children from sex trafficking around the globe.

Tanis MacDonald, Elite Pro 7
Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada
Average Elite Pro 7 Annual Income Company Wide: $135,504*

After many years of looking for her purpose in life, Tanis finally discovered the industry of network marketing.

Tanis started her career at a very young age working with the Canadian federal Government. In order to advance she needed a degree and had to attend night school for 10 years. Only to discover the environment she was working in, no matter what level she achieved, was not where she wanted to be. For 20 years Tanis woke up each morning dreading the day ahead. She wanted something different.

In her government environment, there were so many unhappy people who had decided that this was their life.
With a huge leap of faith and belief in herself, Tanis left her secure, high status and high salary job to work full time as an entrepreneur.

Tanis made the decision years ago to go on a journey of learning to better understand the industry and what was necessary to have success. Other people were successful, so she knew she could be also.

After some failures and some great success, Tanis found LifeVantage and made the decision that this was the company that would last long term. She had come to learn what makes a company a good fit:

-First and foremost are the products unique, affordable and do they provide results?
-Next is the compensation plan fair and is corporate in tune with the field?
-And finally is the timing right in the marketplace for the products and opportunity?

Tanis shared “I am beyond excited for what the future holds with this worldwide opportunity and the lives that will be positively impacted through Team Heart.”

Charlotte Venter, Elite Pro 7
Mooloolaba, Queensland Australia
Average Elite Pro 7 Annual Income Company Wide: $135,504*

Charlotte Venter is our first Elite Pro 7 in Australia. She lives on the Sunshine Coast with her handsome husband Andre, and amazing children Brandon (24) and Robyn (21).

As far back as Charlotte can remember she has worked extremely hard, been loyal to companies, always giving 1000% of herself, sacrificed time with her family to do more than she had to, volunteered at her church for countless years never mind hours, been a wife of a partner in business, sacrificed wages to build a partnership business only to discover that their business was going into bankruptcy to no fault of theirs. Started again, built another business with huge hopes and dreams which failed miserably. She’s been overworked and underpaid, over stressed and totally disappointed with the results.

But deep inside of her she simply would not give up. She understood that the ‘righteous fall 7 times and get back up!’ She’s always felt that God created her for more. She was never created to be mediocre! She was created to make a difference in this world and she’s determined to do just that!

Charlotte’s vision for building with LifeVantage is not simply about dying with no debt …. oh no it’s much bigger than that. Her vision is to set her family free from ALL financial and time stress for generations to come and also to rescue orphans and sex-trafficked children through their registered charity i-Hope Ltd.

Charlotte joined her first Network Marketing Business in September 2013. After researching the industry, she discovered that this was the business structure that she had been looking for all of her life. She ranked to a top level within 6 months and was making a 6 figure income. After working with one other company, Charlotte had learned what to do and what to look for in her ‘perfect’ company. At the start of 2016 she set off to find the company and product that she knew would bring her massive success, which of course was LifeVantage. She joined LifeVantage on 6 April 2016 and has ranked to the Elite Pro 7 level within 14 months. She now leads a global team with passion, purpose and love. Her team has grown from zero to well over $2 million in annual sales in just 14 months and continues to grow every month.

“I choose to get stuck into chasing my dreams everyday! Time is precious and there’s so much to do on this earth. I believe we don’t have any time to waste and everything in life comes back to us making daily choices. This is my motto. I believe you have everything you need to be successful in this business and in YOU! The only difference between you and being a Pro 7 leader is YOUR choices.”

Kelley McCoy, Elite Pro 7
Winter Park, FL USA
Average Elite Pro 7 Annual Income Company Wide: $135,504*

Kelley is an Interior Designer by trade.  She had the opportunity to design homes for celebrities and professional athletes, and travel the world with her business for many years.  Though she loved her career, the stress was overwhelming to the point that it created several health issues for her.  She decided that her health was more important than her job therefore she made a hard decision to retire from her job.

She then started on a quest to turn her health around by learning about health and wellness and more specifically how to heal her body naturally versus medication.  She was introduced to network marketing around this same time when she got a call from her cousin telling her about a product that he thought would benefit her.

She did her research on the product as well as research about how it was marketed and she fell in love with the concept!

For the past ten years Kelley has been able to create a full time income through this industry and has been able to help others do the same.  “Being able to combine two of my passions, health and wellness and building relationships with people has been the key to my success.”

Kelley was one of the original Team Heart members as she knew she had to join LifeVantage when she was introduced to their products and their mission.  “This is the first time that I have been with a company that has such extensive science and studies on all of our products.” She exclaims.

“Our customer base is so high, once we get a customer they stay on our products and I have never experienced such retention.  The combination of these amazing products with the training platform offered by Team Heart produces a winning environment for success.”

Lisa Panton, Elite Pro 7
Huddersfield, England UK
Average Elite Pro 7 Annual Income Company Wide: $135,504*

Lisa is a mom to 3 beautiful children in Northern England. Prior to Network Marketing Lisa spent 20 years grinding in the typical corporate life, starting in the health and beauty industry and the last 8 years in medical sales.

“I was introduced to the industry about 8 years ago through a friend, I instantly saw what I had been seeking for so long! A way to be able to build a business of my own, part time – alongside my current career, with the vision of one day, if, someday, maybe going full-time.” Lisa recalls.

“The first four years were a learning experience, learning the skill set required, getting around the right people and the right opportunity. In my fourth year I was able to earn 4x my annual income as a Medical sales rep resigned from the corporate world to become a full time Network Marketer.”

The last few years Lisa has lead large teams over the UK, Europe and North America. “My aim is to empower others to escape a life so many live today – getting up to go to work at a job they don’t like just to pay the bills! I want people to know there is a better way and we can help you achieve it!”

For Lisa, partnering with Team Heart & LifeVantage was a no brainer, she shared “It is so refreshing to work with an incredible and unique product that delivers results. People want to use it everyday and that leads to an incredible rate of retention… allowing distributors to build a long term financial asset. The no hype and science-backed culture of the company fits the European market perfectly. At LifeVantage the Truth is Good Enough!”

When not building her LifeVantage legacy, you can find Lisa on long walks in nature, out to dinner with friends or enjoying a spa day to relax and recuperate. She attributes hard work and meditation as two keys to her success. “Everyday I listen to meditation music and I ground myself into my goals and intention. It’s the only way to refocus on what I truly want to achieve in this life.”

  Marilee Maricich, Elite Pro 7
Average Elite Pro 7 Annual Income Company Wide: $135,504*

**Profile coming Soon**

Team Heart’s Support Team

Carrie Dickie, Executive Master Pro 10
San Clemente, CA USA
Average Master Pro 10 Annual Income Company Wide: $987,927. Executive Rank added in 2017, should be significantly higher.*

When Carrie Dickie graduated from college from the University of Colorado and with a degree in Advertising, all she knew was what she didn’t want to do in life.

Then she found MLM in 1993 and immediately wanted to be a top 1 percenter. Combined that with an intense desire to elevate the profession of network marketing, Carrie was able to use the nooks and cranny’s of her life and build a multi million dollar network marketing business while being a mother of 2 boys.

Carrie was blown away when she saw the ABC Primetime Investigative report. Having such a strong third party piece has made her job SO MUCH EASIER.  She says, “Building LifeVantage has been like shooting fish in a barrel! This company is a 200 million dollar start up! Nobody knows about this medical breakthrough. It’s no longer about SUPPLEMENTATION, it’s now all about ACTIVATION!”

Carrie believes, in her heart,  that LifeVantage will become a global, multi-billion LEGACY company. “Timing just could NOT be better.”

Carrie recently also published her first book, Network Marketing: The View From Venus. 

Our company is publicly traded and follows FTC, SEC, and FDA Guidelines. Our published public income disclosure for 2016 can be found here: http://www.lifevantage.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/US-Earnings-Income-Statement-V.02.pdf