Getting Started Checklist

[vc_row padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px”][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”1/1″][text_output]1. Get Started in the Team Heart Facebook Group
– Review The Pinned Post & Watch The Video
– Open FAQ and read and reference this before asking questions

2. GO PUBLIC on your Facebook Profile about your new business within 24 hours of purchasing your Pack (You will receive your Pack in 3-5 business days)

Option 1: GO LIVE (Live Video Broadcast) Highly recommended
– What you’re most excited about with your new company
– Why you chose your new company
– What are your goals in your first 90 days with your new company
– Opportunity to win free products and join you on your health transformation by joining our Private FB Tribe
– That you’re hiring to join your team too
– Important: Notice we do NOT ever say “LifeVantage” or “Protandim” ..we pique curiosity by saying Team Heart or Biohacking 🙂

Option 2: MAKE A POST
Example: “Hey friends! I’m so excited… this <day> at <time> I’m launching my new business on a conference call. You gotta hear about this! Message me for details!”

3. Book Your First Launch Event
– Pick a date & a time with your sponsor to book your first Launch Event.
– Make an initial list of 60 names, work up to 200 names
– Don’t prejudge anyone
– Simple invites work best: “Hey I’m so excited, I’m launching my new business on Thursday at 7pm on a conference call, can I count on you to be there?”
– Read and complete the full Launch Guide Training password: everyonematters – to help you rank to Pro 1 (minimum) in 30 days or less

4. ABC – OVERVIEW – 3 Way Call
– First tool: ABC Primetime – Have everyone watch the ABC Primetime Investigative Report + Update video. This website has all the patents, studies, links to PubMed, and FAQ. In 10 minutes they will see just how incredible this breakthrough really is!

– Second tool: Overview – After watching the ABC video, invite your contact to learn more about the additional products and business by attending your LifeVantage Overview Launch Event or the Team Heart Thursday LifeVantage Overview. A recorded version of the overview can be found at:

-Third tool: 3-Way Call – After your contact has seen the information and determined they are interested in the business… get them on a call with your Pro3+ upline support team. Your mentor can share their story and answer any of your prospects questions to help them get started in the business.

5. Follow up after they’ve watched/attended. “What did you like best about the presentation?” The fortune is in the follow-up. Many people need 5-10 touches about a product/opportunity to get started.

6. Review the LifeVantage Compensation Plan at
– Make sure you set up at least 40 PV each month on autoship and achieve at least 200 PV (between you and your customer orders) to maximize the compensation plan. If you are less than 100PV or lack 40PV personal purchase in a month – you will not get paid! Do yourself a favor now, and just set up your autoship so you don’t forget.

7. Message your sponsor the following:
– 3 Goals for the first 3 months in the business
– The rank you’d like to hit the first 90 days
– Where you see yourself in 1 year in Team Heart

8. Begin implementing 14-4-1
– Simple Facebook Strategy! Facebook is a HUGE opportunity to grow your business.
– Update your profile picture to be a pic of you that looks professional and friendly
– Commit to 14 non-LifeVantage post a week 2 a day (kids, dogs, family, funny memes, etc.) 4 soft-Team Heart/LV posts (weight loss, NRF2, pro bio, skin care, natural products, detoxing, ..What would you an extra $500 a month do for you?…) and 1 hard sell call to action on Team Heart/LV. For more FB training, go to

9. Add Yourself to these groups if you’re aren’t already part of them
– My LifeVantage Story (Distributors and ordering customers ONLY! No prospects!)
– Team Heart Sneak Peek (Distributors & Prospects)

10. Attend Monday Night Team Heart Weekly Call (Get country specific dial in/pin code from your upline) for tips on sharing the products, opportunity, new stories, inspiration and tactics to build your business!

11. Register for the next Event in your EVO under Event Registration – Events are vital to build your business. Your Gold and Platinum Pack come with a free ticket or two (respectively) so make plans and get to the next live training!


Print this OFF & Complete the ABOVE in its entirety! Send it back to your sponsor.

Signed _______________________________________

Date completed: __________________[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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